Second Battle of Trenton # F;AOD2645 Chestnut

$ 79.00

This pen is made from a Chestnut tree along the Continental line side of the Assunpink Creek in Trenton, a few yards from the bridge that was so crucially defended during the Second Battle of Trenton. Not only important in the “ten crucial days” but the site of perhaps the most important reenlistment of the war for independence. This pen is not only nicely figured on the surface but under the surface lye silver waves that move when you move the pen in the light. This is a naturally occurring feature in this particular piece of wood. It’s kind of neat.

Margaret of Boca Raton said of her Battle of Trenton – Trenton Old Barracks Pen - “Perfect gift! I love it so much I want to get one for myself. Fast shipping! Very nicely packaged! Friendly seller! Thank you so much!!”

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