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                    When I display my pens at street fairs, craft shows, and history sites, I often bring along some of the remnants of the wood I use, to give away. If there are young people in the family, I will ask them if they would like a little piece of wood from a tree planted by a signer of the Declaration of Independence, or that was in this or that battle. Of course, I tell them that now, when they get home they have to look up the person or battle and they agree. But the look of awe on their face, when they hold this little piece of wood that is a part of history - and now theirs. The proof in the pudding is that upon meeting the family again at another venue they remember and still have that little piece, that connection to history.

Certainly, these are not for every student. However, there are those few that can be inspired – that can feel and appreciate the connection and value. Those who will find that area of study a little more interesting because of the connection they hold in their hand. Had experience not shown me otherwise, I would only suggest these for college level students, but I have had much younger people purchase these for themselves. To help you narrow it down by field of study look through this Collection of Collections.