Handsome Handmade Pens from Historic Sites

Come and browse. I expect that you will find something you or someone you know will like.


I have made these investment collectables from the homes of Founding Fathers, famous Battlefields and final resting places. Trees growing at these sites, some of them present during the famous event, are the source material for these handsome handmade pens. Whether just looking out of curiosity or shopping for yourself or someone important to you, come and browse. Here are pens for most personalities from modest to the rather flamboyant, with turquois, lapis, and mother of pearl – all invested with history. Be cautioned: if you show them off to friends or colleagues, you may encounter some Pen envy. 

I have gone to some lengths to enhance the investment value of the collectable pens, both for the present and into the future, as they are meant to be useful now but also passed on to future generations. They are Heirloom Gift Pens.

•The pens use Cross© type refills – so they can be replaced easily now and in the future with the choice of inks they offer.

•Each is individually numbered for easy reference.

•This number and hi-resolution photographs of the pen I keep in a pen registry, for future reference if needed. (This is to help reduce the chance of counterfeiting, and prove the original provenance to future buyers.)

•Each pen comes with smaller copies of these photographs for the owner to keep.

•My signed warrant of authenticity is on the same card as the pictures of the pen.

•With the warrant is a section provided for each successive owner to sign, continuing the provenance of the pen into the future. (some day you will be great-great grand something or other who passed this pen to great grand so and so - who passed it on to so and so -who is now passing it on. That’s the plan anyway.) That is why I call them Heirloom Gift Pens.

•A pamphlet giving a brief telling of the history associated with the pen. Just to remind those who might have forgotten what they learned in school. This pamphlet lays in such a way as to enhance the display of the pen if so desired.

•A nice box with a clear cover suitable for display, presentation, and gift giving. 

In addition, I will be adding blog posts regularly with history snippets, observations, and activities at some of the historic sites. 

So come in, look around, and check out my blogs. I expect that you will find something you or someone you know will like.