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For the price conscious and who isn’t.  (If you’re not WELCOME, WELCOME, WELCOME.)

I have myself – and watched others, shop an inordinate amount of time just to end up saving a few pennies. Still not sure if I got the best deal but fairly sure I spent too much time trying. For commodity items that might make sense where price is the only tangible difference. With the things I am offering, the deal is not the deal. Each of the handmade items here are going to be unique. The differences between some are subtle, between others great. Therefore, I have groped these in specific and differentiated price points.

I agonized for many months, reading, researching, and trying to find what others are doing, to come up with a fair and reasonable pricing scheme. (There is much more work that goes into making and maintaining the integrity of these pens than meets the eye.)

The quality, of the hardware, is essentially, the same. So that is not a source of price difference.

The difference in price is based on perceived desirability. I combine these factors when pricing an item.

  • How well known or important is the person or place associated with the source of the pen. (demand)

  • How plentiful is the wood source I have and can get in the future. (scarcity)

  • How attractive is the individual pen, the aesthetics. (individual desirability)

I round down – that is if a pen dose not quite reach the desirability level of an upper price point it stays in the lower one. If you purchase a $79.00 pen, you have purchased one that I judge to be worth between $79.00 and $120.00.

Above are the individual price points. Clicking on them will take you to a collection of items at that price point.