Military - Collection

This collection would include sites of military interest such as:

Washington Crossing for its role in starting the “Ten Crucial Days” of the American War of Independence.

The two Battles of Trenton the pivot point in the American Revolution that snatched victory from the jaws of certain defeat in the “Ten Crucial Days .“

The Battle of Princeton the third battle of the “Ten Crucial Days “especially significant to the US Marine Corps as the first land battle in which they recorded casualties.

The Mercer Oak as a Witness tree to the Battle of Princeton.

Valley Forge for its place in history where the continental line was turned into a formidable Army.

Monmouth Battlefield, the longest, hottest, battle of the War of Independence and the first after Valley Forge that proved to the British that this new American force could hold its own against the best they had to offer.

The Tennent Oak as a witness to the Battle of Monmouth.

Summerseat, Washington’s Headquarters and home of Robert Morris, “The Financier of The Revolution” setting up the first international spy network for the Americans, supplying the war effort when others failed and selling the first American War Ship, the USS Alfred, to the US Navy.