The Day we celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence


July 4th – Independence Day, is not generally thought of, as a gift-giving day, but there are special people we wish to show our appreciation to. There are speakers at gatherings, Grand marshals in parades, Organizers of Events. What better thank-you than a gift directly related to a signer of the Declaration of Independence. Perhaps a mayor or local councilmen who you think should be reminded from time to time of the Constitution by having something in hand that comes from a signer of that document. So enjoy the picnics and parades and (if you can) the speeches, and if you want to impress someone try something from a Founding Father that made it all possible.

Need some Suggestions?


The Benjamin Rush OakPhysician, Educator, Abolitionist, Writer, and signer of the Declaration of Independence, Founder of Dickinson College.  

George Clymer Philadelphia Businessman, Banker, first president of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, one of only 6 to sign both the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution.

Robert Morris the “Financier of the American Revolution,” Philadelphia Businessman, Banker, Shipping magnate who lost more of his own ships during the Revolutionary war than were in most navies at the time, one of only 6 men to sign both the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution, at the beginning of the war the wealthiest man in the colonies who ended up spending nearly two years in debtors prison.

Thomas Paine “The Father of the American Revolution,” Writer whose pen was mightier than the sword, involved in both the American and French Revolutions.

Richard Stockton The only signer of the Declaration of Independence, captured by the British.

Philadelphia’s historic Christ Church Burial Ground - the final resting place of five signers of the Declaration of Independence: Dr. Benjamin Rush, Benjamin Franklin, George Ross, Joseph Hewes, and Francis Hopkinson. Also buried on these historic and sacred grounds are many of our nations early founders and leaders, prominent lawyers, medical pioneers, military heroes, victims of the Yellow Fever epidemic, and members of the Church from the colonial era up into the last decade.