Christ Church Burial Ground #JANH25107 Root

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OK This pen is a looker and it has an interesting story. It is from Philadelphia’s Christ Church Burial Ground, the Final resting place of five signers of the Declaration of Independence. This pen was actually in the ground – it was a root. In my several visits there, collecting wood and talking with the Burial Ground Coordinator our conversation turned to this dark knurled root coming out of the ground. It was from a tree or trees long gone and had been working its way up to the surface for years, becoming more of a hazard to the many visitors foot traffic. He was hoping to pull it out some time soon, and would I be interested in it? Well roots can be tricky stuff and surprisingly boring. However, when they got it out, I accepted it to see what I could do with it. It was tricky and difficult but some of the resulting pieces were not boring. This lump was several roots of different trees, and the pieces that survived the process, proved very interesting. Not only are the colors and patterns interesting, but also it has some very interesting reflective qualities. And it grew among our Founding Fathers – kind of literally.

This pen has no clip (there wasn’t any part of the wood I wanted to cover up).

L Young of Utah said of her pen – “Another big hit. FAST shipping! Awesome shop owner with letters of authenticity to boot! Great product, great communication, just all around HAPPY experience! #1 gift idea, ever!”

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