Declaration of Independence signor Richard Stockton # NANH25070 Black Locust, Mother of pearl and Lapis Lazuli

$ 120.00

Inlayed with lapis and mother of pearl this pen is made from a Black Locust tree growing at Morven. The house that served as the official residence of several New Jersey Governors, and was originally, the home of Richard Stockton, a New Jersey signatory to the Declaration of Independence and the only signer captured and imprisoned by the British during the American Revolution. The honey colored wood and the mother of pearl on this pen give off a brilliant light show. You will see what I mean when you tip it around in the light. This pen would have been in the next higher price bracket if a facet next to the point had not fallen out.

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Margaret of Boca Raton purchased a Princeton Battlefield Pen and said – “Marc is such a pleasure to do business with! These pens are just great not only for the work of art but also for the history context. I keep wanting to buy more! Marc really puts his time into making this such a special gift with the packaging, pamphlets, and a personal touch. Highly recommended! Thank you again!”

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