Dr. Benjamin Franklin Holly Pen in walnut display case

$ 495.00

Handsomely displayed in a custom made walnut case, this pen is made from Benjamin Franklin’s oldest living neighbor – The Benjamin Franklin Holly. This venerable old tree stands vigil over this Founding Father and his family’s final resting place. It is the backdrop of most pictures taken of the Great Man’s Grave. Old and slow growing this coveted and cared for Holly yields its limbs parsimoniously. I have had the good fortune to be the recipient of its rare offering. I make these pens in cooperation with Christ Church Burial Ground in Philadelphia. The proceeds, from these and all other Christ Church Burial Ground derived pens, are shared with the Christ Church Preservation Trust. This helps continue the diligent work in the maintenance and care of their very Historic - must visit - sites.

The highly polished, fine grained pen features an engraved copy of the Benjamin Franklin signature found on the United States Constitution. Pen Features.

The handsome walnut case is suitable for display on desk, shelf or wall, and comes with feet and hanger installed. Crafted by an American maker, it features a hinged lid with a magnetic closure. Inside, the pen is mounted on a padded, removable tray, under which the pen’s documentation is stored. This pen is imbued with history, but you will continue to add more, so this is also a good place to keep other documents that will, over time, add to this pens continuing history (special signing and presentation letters and photos). I keep a registry of these pens for future authentication if necessary.

This is sure to impress anyone that sees it displayed and deeply move any recipient. I can add custom copy for your special presentations, occasions, and appreciations, to further enhance its meaningfulness.

Kim in FL said about her several Pens – “Fabulous workmanship! Beautifully packaged! I have purchased a total of eight or nine of this man's pens! I have purchased for myself as well as others!! This is truly a precious gift!”

Alternate hardware.

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