American Revolution - Battle of Princeton – The Famous Mercer Oak pen H;AUA3115

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The Battle of Princeton was the third and bloodiest battle of the Ten Crucial Days. This is the first battle in which the newly formed US Marines fought.  Before these three battles of the Ten Crucial Days, even General George Washington believed the American Revolution was about to expire. It was the Battle of Princeton preceded by the two Battles of Trenton that rekindled faith and injected energy into the cause and pushed the British back on their heals. This pen is made from the Famous Mercer Oak purported to be the tree Brigadier General Hugh Mercer was leaned against after being mistaken for General George Washington and bayoneted 7 times by the British. It is less well known for its appearance in the movie I.Q. This is registered pen number H;AUA3115 and while it stood was located at 40°19'53.75"N   74°40'31.80"W.

This pen is a medium brown, with streaks of darker grain and two pieces of turquoise I used to fill in a worm hole. It is a twist action Ball Point pen that uses a Cross refill available at any stationary in broad, medium and fine points and three colors. The metal finish is a sealed 24kt gold.


Nature gives each of these a unique design which I have the pleasure to reveal.  Because of the source, I can only make so many, so they will remain inherently rare. This pen is invested with historical, educational and inspirational value, it will be a piece of history in your hand to use, show, share and perhaps inspire among colleagues, friends and family.


Students, teachers, and enthusiasts of American and English history. Descendants of men serving in this battle, especially DAR and SAR members. Members of the military especially US Marines. Anyone who appreciates the unique, or just simple beauty.



Each pen comes on a nice handmade pillow in a box suitable for display and gift giving (gold with a clear top) and a parchment paper pamphlet with a history of this famous battle and Hugh Mercer along with the documents described below.  


I make these pens to be used, but they are also meant to be collectible and passed on to succeeding generations or among friends. Therefore, each is given a unique, recorded collectors number. Along with the number I keep 4 high resolution photos for future authentication identification if needed. Smaller versions of these pictures are also sent along with the pen on the accompanying authentication and continuing provenance card. The continuing provenance card is there for each successive owner to sign and give this pen a continuing history of its own over the years. (Yearly re-gifting of this pen is actually appropriate, as it adds to its history for future generations.) If you are giving this pen as a gift you should sign the first slot to start its history trail.

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