Lawyers Two Eyed Constitution Pen

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This handsome pen is from the Signers Mulberry at Summerseat in Morrisville Pennsylvania. Summerseat was not only Washington’s headquarters for a time but also the home of two signers of the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution – Robert Morris and George Clymer. Some historians believe this Mulberry is the only, still living, tree planted by a signer. Interesting patterns in the wood including two eyes at the top. The pen has no clip because there was no part of the wood I was willing to cover up. The top of this pen has that odd metallic like reflectivity, changing as you tip and turn it. The two “eyes” are in opposite directions, so that if one eye is looking away from the holder, the other is looking right back at them (I think there’s a legal metaphor in there somewhere).

Steven of Texas, bought a Signers Mulberry pen and wrote – “It’s absolutely gorgeous. My wife is a history major, and the pen brought her to tears.”  

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