Law, Government, and History – Author signed Book, Signer’s Mulberry Bookmark, and Signer’s Mulberry Pen number BANH25135

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An amazing gift for anyone interested in Law, Government, or American History.

I have managed to acquire 2 copies of the recently published, “The First Congress”, signed by the author Fergus M. Bordewich. (well three, but the third one is mine (a page turner I might add.)) I am offering them packaged with (1) a bookmark made with a piece of the Signers Mulberry (a tree held to be the only still living tree planted by a signer of the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution) growing at the home of Robert Morris and George Clymer both of whom served in the first Congress and (2) a pen made from the same tree.

This handsome two-toned registered pen, number BANH25135, is from the Signers Mulberry at Summerseat in Morrisville Pennsylvania. Summerseat was not only Washington’s headquarters for a time but also the home of two signers of the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution – Robert Morris and George Clymer. This Mulberry is believed by some historians to be the only still living tree planted by a signer.

Bethany in Massachusetts said about her Signers Mulberry pen – “Love it! Very happy that it arrived so quickly. Beautifully crafted and excellent presentation.”

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