Founding Fathers History Pen

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Talk about touching history, this pen grew among five signers of the Declaration of Independence. It is made from the tangled root of perhaps several trees. The trees were long gone and this root was breaking through the surface at Christ Church Burial Ground in Philadelphia. When it finely came up enough for them to remove it, they saved it for me. Much of it was unusable of course, but I did get a few very nice pieces. This one has wonderfully interesting patterns and the feature of dancing lights naturally occurring in the wood. I think of the black streaks as representing the split forming between the Colonies and Mother England. The little white streaks are where I filed in little voids with my homemade acrylic. Anyone would be very proud to own this pen.

Steven of Texas, bought a Signers Mulberry pen and wrote – “It’s absolutely gorgeous. My wife is a history major, and the pen brought her to tears.”  

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