Declaration of Independence signor Richard Stockton # N;ANB076 Sycamore

$ 49.00

This is a pen made from a sycamore tree growing at Morven. This house served as the official residence of several New Jersey Governors, and was originally, the home of Richard Stockton, a New Jersey signatory to the Declaration of Independence and the only signer captured and imprisoned by the British during the American Revolution. Some interesting natural patterns in the wood including what looks to me to be a water spider in the bottom section and in the dark oval at the top I filled the void with some copper flake acrylic and it looks like the silhouette of a bust of someone (with horns – Pan?).

Kim in FL said about her several Pens – “Expert workmanship! These pens are truly to be heirlooms! Packaging and information included with each pen is both informative and beautifully done!”

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